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Cincinnati Southwest Ohio Flat Fee MLS Listing

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Why are BuySelf sellers more successful than other flat fee sellers?

Agents are motivated to sell Agent Friendly listings
The key to our sellers' success is our proven home selling system that creates an Agent Friendly Listing. Agent Friendly is a concept and term that BuySelf invented since pioneering flat fee listings in 1998. Since real estate agents influence almost nine of ten home buyers, motivating agents to show and sell BuySelf listings is the key to home selling success.

Other Flat Fee Listings repel nine out of ten buyers
Other flat fee companies list properties in an agent unfriendly way, which confuses and repels agents and therefore all the buyers they represent. Think of an Agent Friendly listing as BuySelf Realty's secret sauce recipe that few even attempt to imitate, and none succeed.

What differentiates an Agent Friendly Listing?
A listing is either Agent Friendly, where agents are motivated to show and sell, or Agent Unfriendly, where agents are alienated and not likely to show a listing to their buyers.

Agent Friendly Listing elements you CAN'T see
There are over 50 elements that determine whether a listing is Agent Friendly, most are not visible to consumers. Agent Friendliness is like an iceberg—only a small part is visible. Much lies beneath, and the danger lies in what can't be seen. Many of these key elements are also counter-intuitive to a typical consumer--the opposite of "common sense."

How to tell if a listing is Agent Friendly
Here are a few of the more visible elements of an Agent Friendly listing:

  • The Yard Sign: Does the yard sign mention the term owner, fsbo, etc. or prominently advertise a flat fee listing service?
  • Seller Education: Does the service include guidance on how to list the property for maximum buyer agent motivation? (also known as the Agent Friendly Listing)
  • Key Lockbox: Does the website mention the importance of the key lockbox, and explain why it has been the standard in the real estate industry for years?

Flat Fee Listings save money only if they sell
Other Flat Fee Websites claim that it is the MLS that sells homes, just get a listing in there, any listing, and buyers will come to you. That simply isn't true, especially in today's market. An Agent UnFriendly listing is less likely to get showings, and less likely to sell, forcing the seller to pay the big traditional commission they wanted to avoid.

Why risk wasting your time and money to save a few more dollars?
Your time is valuable, the time your property sits on the market is expensive—why waste it? Flat fee sellers save over $8,000 on average, where sellers get in trouble is trying to save a few more dollars. List with the most trusted name in Flat Fee Home Sales, and see first hand how an Agent Friendly Listing makes the difference between success and failure.

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